Autonomy Pro Dual Motor Sit/Stand Height Adjustable Desk

The Autonomy Pro height adjustable desk helps keep you active at work or in the home office. Raise and lower the desk from 640mm–1300mm at the touch of a button - one of the largest variable movements on the market. 

The digital display and controller is equipped with an up and down button, a home button set at 720mm and two programmable memory set buttons. The controller operates the movement of the three part telescopic legs at a rate of 30mm per second. The Autonomy Pro desk can lift evenly up to an incredible 130kgs. 

The safety features include an anti-crush sensor which switches off the control when an obstruction is detected. There are no exposed moving parts as there are two independent motors (one inside each leg).


  • Evenly lifts up 130kg at a rate of 30mm per second
  • Three part telescopic leg for extended range
  • Twin motor frame (one motor in each leg)
  • Anti-crush feature (single desks only)
  • No exposed moving parts 
  • Two programmable memory set buttons 
  • 'Home' button set at 720mm 
  • Available in a wide range of size and shape options
  • Brace bar for added stability 

Stock desktop finishes. 

Stone Oak
Maple D375

Other available desktop finishes.  

Natural Dijon Walnut
Santiago Cherry
Light Oak
Calva Oak
Japanese Ash
Canadian Maple

Stock frame finishes.  

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